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Cures for Tinnitus: Do You Want to Permanently Stop That Ringing?

Many people consider Tinnitus a disease or condition, but it’s actually a symptom caused by a number of different things. Therefore, before one can even contemplate cures for tinnitus, they must first determine the underlying cause. Here are a few things to consider.

By far the most common cause is loud noises. The damage can either come from an extremely loud acute noise such as an explosion or from chronic exposure to loud environments such as factories, construction sites and loud music. Over 80% of cases are caused this way. This form of Tinnitus can be avoided by refraining from loud music and through the use of hearing protection when working in loud environments.

Occasionally, a person can begin to experience Tinnitus as a result of a disease or other condition. If the onset of Tinnitus is rapid with no explained injury to blame, one of these other conditions should be suspected.

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